Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Studio Display Mod - Polishing the Case

Despite the revolution of LCD technology bring about production of HD monitors with 4K or even 5K resolutions, some people still concern not only the screen quality per se but also the overall design of a monitor (like me XD). This is one of the articles about modifying an obseleted Apple Studio Display 17" (ADC) to meet present use.
Polishing the shell is one of the most important step of our current Studio Display modification project as our goal is to give a junk Mac a new life. "A new life" not only limited to the innards spec but also to the outlook.

Scratches on the Mac
There were Many Scratches over the Case of Studio Display

Used Macs always unavoidably have the surface scratched in varying degrees. By rubbing the case with liquid polish, we remove the scratches and creat a smooth and shiny surface.

Dents on the Mac
Dents on the Studio Display

For the Studio Display I am modifying, as it was originally an inoperative junk item, or perhaps a trash-picked item :), there are hundreds of scratches on the shell, some areas even have dents thus even polish is no use (sad). But we still try our best to renovate it.

We first use some Tamiya sand papers to rub the heavy scratch, then by liquid polish 3000 (particle size about 3 micrometres) followed by 9800 (particle size about 1 micrometre). Now most of the scratches has been removed.

Mac After Being Polished
Studio Display - After Being Polished