Friday, October 24, 2014

iBook Clamshell Mod - Keyboard

This is one of the passages about the iBook G3 Clamshell modification project, of which a logicboard of Intel i5 was being installed into the classic Apple iBook G3 Laptop.

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Applying Protective Film to the keys of Clamshell

Repeat pounding of keyboards renders the marking of the keys to fade.

There are two ways to prevent fading of keyboard markings: either place a layer of silicon protective film onto the keyboard, or apply protective skin on each of the keys.

The silicon protective film provides the strongest protection for iBook G3. It not only protects the keys but also the gaps betweens the key against water, dirt  or dust.... 

There were once many manufacturers that produced this kind of silicon film. However, as iBook Clamshell had been classified as "obsolete", accessories for it are not easily found these days. However, you could be able to find it in ebay in very rare occasions.

So making a protective film for the keyboard seems to been a more feasible choice.

If you wish to DIY a protective film for your keyboard, I would suggest the brand "Bestskinsever" as your first priority.


Because "Bestskinsever" has "DIY skin" for sale, of which one can simply use scissors to cut the desire shape any device.

Today, I applied "Bestskinsever" protective skins onto each of the key of my Apple iBook Clamshell. It looks great~

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