Sunday, January 11, 2015

iBook Clamshell Mod - What is iBook Clamshell?

This is one of the passages about the iBook G3 Clamshell modification project, of which a logicboard of Intel i5 was being installed into the classic Apple iBook G3 Laptop.
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iBook G3 is a series of consumer portable laptop launched by Apple. It was first introduced by Steve Jobs during the keynote presentation of Macworld Conference & Expo in New York City on 21 June 1999.

The first generation iBook has a clam shell outlook, so it was called "iBook Clamshell" to distinguish from its succeeding models. Its body is translucent either in Tangerine (Orange) and Blueberry (Blue) colour. It has a PowerPC G3 CPU, USB, Ethernet, modem ports, an optical drive and designed with integrated wireless networking.

On February 16, 2000, Apple issued the iBook SE (Special Edition) which is in Graphite (grey) colour. 

On 13 Sept 2000, Apple issued the iBook (FireWire) which is in Indigo (Blue), Graphite and Key Lime (Green) colour.

On 1 May 2001, iBook Clamshell was discontinued and replaced by the next generation iBook G3 Dual USB in Snow colour.

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