Saturday, November 22, 2014

Old iBook Clamshell of 15 Years of Age

The iBook G3 is an epoch in laptop history: it has curvy outlook, translucent colourful case, a pivoted handle, and powered by a Yo-Yo-shaped adapter ... Even after 15 years after its birth, no one feel it is out-fashioned.

Compare with latest notebook models, which are retangular-shaped, with just upgrade to higher specifications, wider screen, thinner body, the design of iBook Clamshell are even more remarkable.

Among all colours of iBook, I am most attracted to the tangerine and key-lime. However, it is difficult to find a second-handed iBook locally (as Macintosh was not popular here 15 years ago). So normally I will go for them fom ebay.

Today I received one tangerine from a foreign seller. It costedeme about US$150 (item + shipping). Quite expensive, but I think it is worthwhile, as its condition is incredibly good.