Sunday, November 23, 2014

This is Perhaps the Worst Physical Condition iBook

Yesterday we have an excellent condition iBook. Now, we have the worst one, perhaps...

I bought it from an auction site for about US$15. Originally I damaged the screen cover hinge during modifying my iBook so I need a pair for urgent replacement, or the work will be suspended, so I bought it disregard its condition. I think the deal is reasonable.

The Apple logo of this iBook has been missing already. and the Apple leaf is scamming with dirts. The keyboard was glued with the laptop case. The whole case has also been yellowing. Perhaps the previous owner is a smoker.

There is severe discolouration in the lower case.

Recently when I inspected the conditions of my iBook collection, I note that the indigo one has the LCD obsolete. Fortunately, this LCD is still in good condition, I could take it apart and to replace the one of my indigo's. Also it has a working Yo-Yo adapter. And most importantly it can supply spare parts and screws for my iBook mod.