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iMac G3 Mod - iMac G3 "i7": an iMac G3 with i7 CPU

The original meaning of iMac G3 refers to the all-in-one desktop computer produced by Apple computer during 1998 to 2003 with a PowerPC G3 processor.

As a product of more than a decade. What can we make use of it in 2015?

(1) it is still a perfect tool for word processing.

(2) it can be used as a music player.

Anything else?

Honestly speaking, even if its hardware is still in good condition, its specification is unfit to meet our needs these days. Nowadays, computers need to handle more complex tasks, such as, backup data of mobile devices, edit and play HD movies, storage of photos, entertainment... Some tasks even need to implemented wirelessly, like sending media messages, syncing data with iCloud, and so on.

If we still want it to be our perfect companion, why don't we upgrade its hardware to meet this goal? Accordingly, we need to treat the iMac G3 housing as an ordinary computer case, in which the elements inside would be replaced and upgraded with latest ones.

iMac G3 "i7" is an integration of old with new elements. We replace the PowerPC G3 logicboard of iMac G3 with an Intel i7 logic board. The outlook of the iMac G3 has no change, but there is "a big change" inside. Instead of calling this modified machine iMac G3, we name it as "iMac G3 i7".

Up to this moment (March 2015), the iMac G3 i7 could be upgradable to the highest possible specification of 4GHz Intel Quad Core i7 with 32GB memory. 

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