Thursday, June 4, 2015

iMac G3 Mod - The Side Panel

Just finished making the Side Panel of iMac G3 i7 Version 2.0. Compare with the Version 1, this version has greater connectivity ability.

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(1) Mic Jet;
(2) 3.5mm Stereo Jet;
(3) Firewire Port (could be changed to USB 3.0);
(4) and (6) USB 3.0;
(5) a Thunderbolt Cord; and
(6) Gigabite Ethernet.

Mic and speaker jets are new features of Version 2.

If you still have vintage devices like iSight Camera, iPod Gen 1-3 ..., you still need a FireWire Port, or just dropped it.

As there is no "female" Thunderbolt Port available in the market (unless being disassembled from a Thunderbolt device), the Thunderbolt Jet has no choice but to be built this way.

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