Sunday, June 15, 2014

Invisible Shield? Bestskinsever?

In old days we rarely have mobile devices, so there is less need to use protective skins. However, in modern-days, a MP3, a mobile phone, or a tablet is almost a must-have item to us. And as some of these devices are expensive, we may need protective skins to protect them from scratches. There are 2 market-leaders of these protective skins: the Invisible Shield and the Bestskinsever.

The Invisible Shield is available in It does ship internationally. Its product always comes with a large package: including instructions, installation tools and installation solution.

The bestskinsever also ships internationally. It is available for order at It packaging is relatively simple: just the skins you ordered,  a receipt and an envelope.

The Invisible Shield offers life-time warranty to the skins you ordered. When you wish to get a replacement, just go to their site and fill a form, they will send a new skin to you. But you will be reminded to send back your damaged or old skin to her, or you will be charged the price for the new skin.

Bestskinsever doesn't offer any replacement. But, their price is relatively cheaper. For the iPod 7th Gen total body skin, the price of Invisible Shield is $24.99 whereas that of bestskinsever is $10.99. Therefore, its just a matter of choice.

When comparing with the skins per se, Invisible shield is a bit thicker than the skins of Bestskinsever.

However,  there is one competitive edge of Bestskinsever over Invisible Shield: Bestskinsever do have DIY skins for sale. I personally adore this kind of DIY skins because I can cut it to fit any device I like. I even have had make customized skins for my beloved Apple Pro Keyboard.

Written by: Erik Siivel (
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