Thursday, June 19, 2014

Why Mac Modification Project?

In many discussion forums, there are always groups of people discussing the possibility of upgrading hardware of old Macs. People are exploring the possibility to upgrade it with present specifications.

There is another group of people who is not upgrading their Macs, rather, they are just collecting them. 

I am both of them. On the one hand, I collect old Macs; on the other hand, I upgrade old Macs for myself and for others. To me, vintage Macintosh is so adorable that "playing" along with an operative old Mac is fantastic, however, I can't stand "working" with a Macintosh with a speed of MHz.

Also, many applications of vintage Macs cannot be used nowadays, for example, you cannot sync an iphone 5 with iTunes v2.0, you cannot watch Youtube with iBook Clamshell, some of the contents in the Internet are no longer readable with IE...

Written by: Erik Siivel (
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