Friday, June 27, 2014

The Evolution of iMacs

Since its first launch in 1998, the Apple iMac has undergone several generations. Different people have their own interpretation in classifying the iMac, in terms of general design (tear-shaped, sun-flower, flat panel), the processor inside (G3, G4 G5, Intel), or even model number (M4984, M5521).

I like to identify them in terms of design because it is the easiest way for a person to identify an iMac. When we look into the early generations of iMac, we found that their design is radical at their times: the original iMac is made by translucent plastic with a tear-shaped body; the iMac G4 is dome-shaped with a LCD panel erecting upon it; the iMac G5 has all of the components enclosed at the back the LCD.

How about those after iMac G5? It seem to me that Apple has made no headway: the designs are much alike with merely fine-tuning in material use, a wider screen, a thinner body, and faster CPUs. Is that really an evolution?

Really hope the next iMac will make me say WOW.

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The Evolution of iMacs

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