Saturday, January 30, 2016

Discolouration of iBook Clamshell

Yesterday I conducted annual check of the iBook clamshells I have collected.

What I have done for the check up:

(1) a physical inspection: checked their outlooks, took photos. Any oxidation? discolouration? any deterioration in physical condition, when comparing with the record last year?

(2) a hardware test: plug and power on the unit, check the LCD, keyboard, trackpad, back light, AC connection, battery and so on...

(3) protective measures: such as replacement of dessicant, rewarping and repacking the units...

(4) maintain proper record after implementation of those work.

IBook Clamshell Collection

iBook Clamshells with Original Boxes

I noted the one of the iBook, which is of indigo colour, has been seriously discoloured. I don't know why. I checked its photos which were being taken last year. Those discolouration didn't exist at all.

Discolouration of iBook Clamshell

Those discolouration concentrates at the rubber part of the iBook.

Discolouration of iBook Clamshell

The indigo colour has fated into white colour.

Discolouration of iBook Clamshell

Those discolouration scatter over that iBook.

Discolouration of iBook Clamshell

Luckly, other iBooks were not affected.

Discolouration of iBook Clamshell

I googled this syntom but in vain. It appears that no one has talk about this before.

It made me frustrated because I have no clue or idea to prevent it from happening again.

If you had any idea. Kindly share m(_ _)m I really appreciate that.

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