Sunday, January 24, 2016

Studio Display Mod - Assembled

Despite the revolution of LCD technology bring about production of HD monitors with 4K or even 5K resolutions, some people still concern not only the screen quality per se but also the overall design of a monitor (like me XD). This is one of the articles about modifying an obseleted Apple Studio Display 17" (ADC) to meet present use.
There are at least 2 ways to modify the Studio Display: the easier way is to migrate the original LCD circuit board into the studio display. But I dislike this idea not only because there will be 2 lines out (the power cord and the DVI/VGA cord), but also this sacrifices the functions of USB at the right side of the monitor.

Therefore, I adapted another way: cobined the signal, the USB and the power cords into one ADC cord. Then there will be one ADC line out. It would be terrific! However, this associates more scoldering work and higher cost as I need to buy an ADC to DVI adapter for the monitor.

Assemble of the Apple Studio Display (17" ADC)

After completing the "dummy" CRT and installation of circuit board therein, I re-attached the mount assembly with it, by placing the edge of the stand tilt base in the bezel channel, as shown in pic 1.

Next, install the video assembly to the neck of the "dummy  CRT" and fasten the nect clamp with a screwdriver (pic 2).

Then returned the video can in its original position (pic 3).

Afterwards, re-install theCRT shroud with screws (pic 4).