Friday, January 22, 2016

Studio Display Mod - Duplicating the Cathode Ray Tube

Despite the revolution of LCD technology bring about production of HD monitors with 4K or even 5K resolutions, some people still concern not only the screen quality per se but also the overall design of a monitor (like me XD). This is one of the articles about modifying an obseleted Apple Studio Display 17" (ADC) to meet present use.

I want to preserve the original look of the Apple Studio Display 17" ADC. However, it is not possible unless the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) of the display is duplicated.

I made the CRT with a mold. It took me two months to finish it. It could be faster if the Hi-tec 3D printer is use to make it.

After making the CRT, I attached the LCD panel in front of it.

Duplicating the CRT

After that, I re-attached the metal cover and the arcrylic cover at the back of the CRT.

Re-attached the Covers for the CRT

Work still in progress...