Saturday, November 7, 2015

(Got It!) The Stand for 17" Apple Studio (CRT) Display

This May, I bought a vintage Apple Studio  (CRT) display with a damaged stand.

This Apple Studio (CRT) Display is a classical fantastic collector item. It is difficult to imagine that one will smash it and give me the stand. Nevertheless, I keep searching at ebay and some auction sites.

Apple Studio 17" ADC (CRT) Display
The Ad of the Apple Studio Display

Eventually I come across one with a junk one. It has cracks at the front panel. Moreover, there were scratches over the screen. The seller asked for about US$12 for this junk monitor. 

Apple Studio 17" ADC (CRT) Display
The Screen is Full of Scratches.

Apple Studio 17" ADC (CRT) Display
Cracks Around the Apple Logo.

Apple Studio 17" ADC (CRT) Display
The Pic is Blurred, I am Not Sure if there were a Crack at its Back.

This monitor is heavy. After considering the possible huge shipping cost, I asked the seller if he could send the stand to me. He agreed and the deal was reached. Shipping cost for this is about US$25.

After some days, the stand arrived in a strong box.

Apple Studio 17" ADC (CRT) Display
The Stand of Apple Display was being Packed in a Strong Box.

Apple Studio 17" ADC (CRT) Display
There is only Few Scratches on the Stand.

It is in good condition. I am glad that now I have a complete Studio Display in my collection.

Written by: Erik Siivel (
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