Monday, November 9, 2015

iBook i5 with Mac OSX El Capitan Upgraded

Here's my last article in this blog about upgrading the OS of the iMac G3 i7 to OSX El Capitan:

After that upgrade, everything were running smoothly.

Now it is the turn for my iBook i5. iBook i5 is not my primary system, hence the upgrade was relatively easier. The procedure was the same with that of iMac G3 i7:

Go to Mac App Store -> Download OSX El Capitan -> Launch it -> Wait

One needs to plug the adapter or the Mac won't allow the installation to begin.

iBook i5 Mac OSX El Capitan Upgrade
The iBook i5 is installing the OSX El Capitan

The installation took about 60-70 minutes.

iBook i5 Mac OSX El Capitan Upgrade
Installation Finished!

iBook i5 Mac OSX El Capitan Upgrade
Now the iBook i5 Comes with a New Operating System.

I haven't made an upgrade video for my iMac G3 i7, but have for this iBook, that is a short video and the URL is:

See you soon!

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