Friday, November 6, 2015

Installing Mac OSX El Capitan on iMac G3 i7

The Mac OSX El Capitan was issued on 30 Sept 2015. I upgraded this new OS from Yosemite yesterday, however. It is because I have almost 50,000 pictures in my Mac. I need plenty of time to back them up securely before making big changes.

Before the upgrade, I backed up the data on my iMac once in Airport Time Capsule. And then I dragged the iPhoto Library into 2 respective external hard-diskes. I have some problem with my Apple ID, otherwise I would have backed-up those photos on iCloud, indeed. But at this stage, those measures were already secure enough.

The upgrade of the new OS is easy. Just entered into the Mac App Store and download the new OS (for about 20 minutes). After that, double-clicked the downloaded OS and the Mac will do it without any hassle.

Installing osx El Capitan
 Mac OSX El Capitan was being downloaded from Mac App Store.

Installing osx El Capitan
Choose the hard-disk for the installation.

Installing osx El Capitan
The installation took an hour.

The installion took about an hour. After that, the system will restart and the new OS will be ready.

Installing osx El Capitan
Now the new OS is ready.

In fact my iMac G3 i7 is still equipped with a 2.5" SATA2 hard-disk. The start-up speed is very very very slow. Sooner-or-later I will replace it with a SSD.

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