Wednesday, November 11, 2015

"Brightness Slider" for Mac OSX Review

Yesterday I come across an app at Mac App Store which is used to manupulate the screen brightness. It is called "Brightness Slider".

Brightness Slider
Brightness Slider in Mac App Store

Go to Mac App Store -> Download Brightness Slider -> Double-clicked It -> Install

Brightness Slider
The Adjustment Bar is Located in the Menu Bar.
After the installation, there will be a "Sun-shaped" icon on the menu bar. Click it and you can adjust the brightness by either slide with your mouse or the press up/down buttons.

Brightness Slider
Brightness in Maximum Level.

Brightness Slider
Reduce the Brightness. The screen will become completely dark if one slides the bar to the other extreme.
This application is a powerful. With this app, you can control the brightness in the "software level" and the level of darkness could adjust to completely black screen. It frees up 2 function keys of my iBook i5 for other uses.

This app is free at Mac App Store. Worth downloading before it was charged:)

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