Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Use Split View of Mac OSX El Capitan

One of the most appealing features in the new OS X El Capitan is allowing users to put two apps into one screen together, splitting side-by-side. So that you don't need to switch from one application to another via Mission Control.

(However, please note that not all application in Mac OSX El Capitan support the split screen.)

Follow the steps for splitting the screen:

(1) Go to “System Preferences” -> "Mission Control" -> check the box “Displays have separate Spaces”.

(2) Maximize the screen of an application (in this example, Safari) by clicking the green button at the upper-left-hand corner of the window. The application which support split screen should have 2 arrows in opposite directions within the green button, instead of a "+" sign.

Splitting the Screen of Mac OSX El Capitan

(3) Repeat the procedure of (1) for maximizing another window (e.g. TextEdit) which you want to split the screen.

(4) Now you have 2 applications running full-screen mode. Then launch "Mission Control" and you will see 3 thumbnails at the top of the screen, namely, "Desktop", “Safari" and “TextEdit”.

Splitting the Screen of Mac OSX El Capitan

(5) Drag the thumbnail of "TextEdit" into that of “Safari”, or vice versa, then the windows will be merged into one.

Splitting the Screen of Mac OSX El Capitan

Splitting the Screen of Mac OSX El Capitan

(6) To resize the windows, click and drag the black margin between the 2 screen leftwards or rightwards.

Resizing Split Screens
Drag the Black Margins Between 2 Applications to Resize.

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