Thursday, November 26, 2015

Studio Display Mod - Take Apart the CRT

Despite the revolution of LCD technology bring about production of HD monitors with 4K or even 5K resolutions, some people still concern not only the screen quality per se but also the overall design of a monitor (like me XD). This is one of the articles about modifying an obseleted Apple Studio Display 17" (ADC) to meet present use.
Here's a Service Source of the Apple Studio 17 Display (ADC). After reading that, you will be able to disassemble your Studio Display:

After disassembled the Display, you will have the following stuffs:

(a) the Outer Case - comprising of the front bezel, the rear housing and the stand;
(b) the deflection board; and
(c) the CRT.

Among these, the CRT is our subject matter which needs to be replaced by a LCD.

However, the CRT has leaded glass and poisoning substances inside. So when you take apart of it you need to pay special attention. Remember not to break the glass or you might be exposed to those poisoning substances therein. After take apart the CRT, hand over to e-scarp porofessionals for handling. 

After disassemble the display, I applied glue between the front bezel and a 16" LCD.

Modifying Apple Studio CDT Display (ADC)
Mac OSX Yosemite Shown Up in Apple Studio CRT Display (ADC)

Is that a good idea to modify the display this way?

Modifying Apple Studio CDT Display (ADC)
The CRT was being replaced by a 16" LCD Panel

I think it is amazing to see an Apple Studio CRT Display (ADC) works with a Mac Mini.

It is just the beginning. Please stay tuned to this blog:)